A choice of bed and breakfast or holiday let accommodation

 situated in the heart of the Isle of Purbeck.

Access Statement for Priory Farm B&B


When you arrive at Priory Farm parking is located opposite the house on a gravel driveway. The drive may prove uneven for walking and during winter months sometimes gets slippery.

When you enter the farmhouse you do so through a wide glazed front door with a threshold step. The hall floor is flagstones and maybe a little uneven.

Dining Room

The B&B dining room is directly opposite the front door and is on level ground. The flooring in here is oak floorboards. The dining room has ample space for moving around in and has a glass doorway on the left which leads outside to the flagstone paved patio area. There is a small step down onto the patio area. The patio flagstones are very uneven. There is one area of patio with a step down. The garden has a pond in the centre of the lawn.

Stairway and landing

The bedrooms are upstairs. The stairs lead up directly opposite the front door. There are 13 carpeted steps. There are handrails on either side. The landing is pine floor boarding with a wool rug. The lights come on automatically as you walk up the stairs. They also turn off automatically when the area is unoccupied.


The Garden Room is located on the right at the top of the landing. The doorway has a low head height and opens into the room towards the right. The door needs to be opened most of the way around as once you enter the room a wardrobe faces you. The ceiling slopes to the left as you walk in. There is space to walk around 3 sides of the 6 foot bed. The ceiling slopes one side of the bed. The floor is carpeted. The lights can be turned off from the bed. The window seat has a sloped ceiling above it. The bathroom door opens into the room to the right. It does not open to a full 90% angle as the radiator is behind it. The room has a tiled floor and may become slippery when wet. The roll top bath is quite deep to step into. The ceiling slopes away above the sink.

The Orchard Room is straight ahead at the top of the stairs. The doorway is in a deep recess and is quite low. The door opens into the room to the left. It will only open to a 90% angle. The entrance to the room is unobstructed. The floor is carpeted. The bathroom is immediately to the right; the door opens into the bathroom to the left. It will not open to 90% due to the radiator position behind it. The floor is tiled and may become slippery. The shower tray is low profile and the doors slide open from the centre. The ceiling slopes down above the toilet & the sink. The twin beds have access from the middle of the room. The ceiling slopes on both sides of the room.