A choice of bed and breakfast or holiday let accommodation

 situated in the heart of the Isle of Purbeck.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form

Address Covered By This Assessment

Priory Farm B&B, East Holme Wareham Dorset BH20 6AG


Helen Goldsack

Date Of Assessment


Date Of Reassessment


STEP 1 – Identify Fire Hazards

Sources Of Ignition

Sources Of Fuel

Sources Of Oxygen

Wood burner ground floor in guest dining room & private lounge.

Solid fuel

Controlled flue.

Gas range cooker in private kitchen

Gas & electric

Kitchen windows

Central heating & hot water boiler ground floor

Heat pipes from village centralised wood burner

None at the farmhouse vent & flue at the village system




STEP 2 – Identify People At Risk

Short term tenants only


STEP 3 – Evaluate, Remove Or Reduce, And Protect From Risk

3.1 Evaluate the risk of a fire starting

Low risk – wood burners both have closable doors. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

3.2 Evaluate the risk to people from a fire

 Low risk – front door and rear door exits.

3.3 Remove or reduce the hazards

Smoke alarms throughout the house. Fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

3.4 Remove or reduce the risks to people from a fire

All exit routes have clear access and workable doors at all times.

3.5 Protect people by providing fire precautions

 Three smoke alarms two on ground floor and one on second floor. Fire extinguisher next to cooker.
Owners on site in event of emergency

STEP 4 – Record, Plan, Inform, Instruct And Train

4.1 Record any major findings and actions you have taken


4.2 Discuss and work with other responsible people

Family aware of proceedures

4.3 Prepare an Emergency Plan

Evacuation plan displayed at exits , call 999 , evacuate building and ensure safety of all occupants is dealt with in first instance, if possible tackle fire once guests are safe.

4.4 Inform and instruct relevant people


4.5 Provide training

Occupants to familiarise themselves with escape routes upon arrival. Owners to check when greeting guests.

STEP 5 – Review

Owners to check smoke alarms and status of fire extinguisher on weekly turn around. Exits to be kept clear and doors and opening windows to be in full working order at all times